LG AS95GDWV0 PuriCare 91 m² Coverage area, Baby Care Function, 6 step filtration, PM 1.0 Sensor

QAR 3,999.00
  • 360º Purification
  • Clean Booster
  • Smart Indicator
  • Smart ThinQ™
  • Delivered in 24 hours
  • In stock
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360º Purification

Absorbs pollutants from 360º, and delivers clean air to everywhere in your house no matter where it is installed.

Clean Booster

Clean Booster rises and rotates to deliver clean air to all corners. Cleaning air to the far end of the room. Clean booster delivers filtered clean air to 7.5m distance.

Baby Care

Baby's world is totally different from Adults. PuriCare™ delivers clean air for crawling toddlers.

360ºTotal Care System

Inflow air go through 360º filteration system which has 6 step filter eliminating various kinds of dust and harmful gas.

Smart Indicator

PuriCare™ indicates Air quality in numbers automatically with PM1.0 sensor and Gas sensor very precisely.

LG ThinQ™

Easily access and control an Air Purifier’s functions from anywhere. Air Round Design A Perfect round with 360º clean design makes space beautiful.

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Color White
Brand LG
Item Code 1101897
Product Type Air Purifier
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